Who’s Who within PPPA?

PPPA Board of Directors – Elected Board Members; 2 year terms

    • Jeff Norton, President
    • Marti Gasser, Vice President
    • Ramona Boone, Secretary
    • Steve Ridings, Treasurer

Members At Large – Appointed Board Members; 1 year terms

    • Sherry Fairchild, Member at Large for Education & Training Activities
    • Sharon Schneider, Member at Large for Membership
    • Alia Rieker, Member at Large for Fundraising
    • Brian Jennison, Member at Large for Communications
    • Theresa Melius, Member at Large for Tournaments

Committee Information

Interested in joining a committee or sub-committee?  Please contact the designated person to learn more information.  All PPPA members are welcome to participate!

Committee Title Contact Details
Education & Training
Sherry Fairchild, Director Phone: 719-448-0850
Email: sdfairchild@mac.com
Intro Lessons Nancy Steffy, Chair Phone: 719-210-3041
Email: flosteffy@aol.com
Instructor Training Nancy Steffy, Chair Phone: 719-210-3041
Email: flosteffy@aol.com
Guided Play Sherry Fairchild, Chair Phone: 719-448-0850
Email: sdfairchild@mac.com
Ladder Play Ron Olivares Ladder Chair Email: pickleballron@gmail.com
Dotty Lardie 2.5 - 3.0 Captain Email: dottylardie@gmail.com
Boston McChesney 3.0 - 3.5 Captain Email: bostonakahelenpickleball@gmail.com
June Gaston 3.5 - 4.0 Captain Email: jagaston612@msn.com
Round Robin Krista de Jonckheere &
Dotty Lardie
2.0 - 3.0 RR Leaders Email: kristadej47@aol.com
Email: dottylardie@gmail.com
Sherry Fairchild 3.0 - 3.5 Leader Email: sdfairchild@mac.com
Nancy Steffy 3.5+ - 4.0 Leader Email: flosteffy@aol.com
Outreach Committee Nancy Steffy, Chair Phone: 719-210-3041
Email: flosteffy@aol.com
Membership Committee Sharon Schneider, Director Phone: 719-448-0850
Email: sssparis@hotmail.com
Court Ambassadors Rita Dennis, Chair Email: ripeted@gmail.com
Social Committee Nan Muno, Chair Email: nmuno10@yahoo.com
Sunshine Committee Roger Bruggeman, Chair Email: RogerBruggeman@yahoo.com
Lost & Found Committee Boston McChesney, Chair Email: bostonakahelenpickleball@gmail.com
Communications Committee Brian Jennison, Director Phone: 719-243-1789
Email: jennisonb@gmail.com
Website Brian Hoffman, Chair Email: the.brian.l.hoffman@gmail.com
Public Relations/Promotions Carol ODell, Chair Email: carolodell41@yahoo.com
Tournament Committee Theresa Melius, Director Email: theresamelius23@gmail.com
Great Plains Regional
Sherry Fairchild, Tournament Director Phone: 719-448-0850
Email: sdfairchild@mac.com
Rocky Mountain State Games Susan Moore, Tournament Director Email: susangayem@yahoo.com
Ratings Committee Charlie Rush, Chair Email: CRush@charlesrush.com
Referee Training David Kennemer, Chair Phone: 719-331-2084
Email: dfk1945@live.com
Bob Paulsen, Lead Instructor Phone: 719-210-3014
Email: paulsprings@aol.com
Fundraising Committee Alia Rieker, Director Phone: 719-360-9447
Email: alia0220@yahoo.com
Sponsorships Alia Rieker, Director Phone: 719-360-9447
Email: alia0220@yahoo.com
Raffle/Silent Auction Marcia Allan, Chair Phone: Phone: 719-237-9067
Email: mallan1935@msn.com
Grant Writing Gayle Humm, Chair Email: mjax247@gmail.com
Percent Of Sales Events &
other Fundraising Activities
Alia Rieker, Director Phone: 719-360-9447
Email: alia0220@yahoo.com
Finance Commitee Steve Ridings, Treasurer Email: SRidings123@gmail.com
Government Interface
Marti Gasser, Vice President Email: gassermj@msn.com
Historical Committee Bob Holman, Chair Email: HolmanBob@aol.com
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